Pre-School & Kindy 3 – 5 years

With an emphasis on language development, our Kindy drama programme also helps to develop important life skills for pre-schoolers, such as taking turns, sharing, listening, following instructions, sequencing and memory skills and vocalising emotions.

Children participate in a wide variety of activities in each drama lesson, which are carefully devised to captivate the children’s interests and stimulate their learning. Activities include storytelling, dramatic play, speech training, creative movement, songs and lots of language development activities. In this age group, parents are encouraged to stay and participate in each class, or simply watch from the sidelines.

The pre-school drama programme includes different themes which the children can easily identify with and relate to, throughout the the term. Each theme runs for three weeks, and includes new material, as well as some revision each week. This allows the children and their teacher to explore many elements of drama, as well as revise and practise skills taught. Pre-schoolers and their parents love the drama programme and find it is a wonderful introduction to drama!

“Our son Max has been attending the Kindy Drama classes for the last two terms and we have had so much fun. Caroline is always an enthusiastic and vibrant teacher who is so inclusive and animated. She has really made each class special and memorable. Thank you so much for a fantastic program.”
Natasha and Max (Leederville Kindy Drama class)

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