Upper Primary (9 – 12 years)

Upper Primary students have many opportunities to act out a great variety of situations.  At the end of each year, they all take part in a short, scripted drama production which is performed for parents and friends.

However, the terms leading up to this special event are most important, as the main thrust of our programme is developmental drama. In a fun-filled atmosphere, our drama classes aim to give young people ongoing confidence, self-esteem and skill in verbal communication. The confident, articulate child finds it easier to make friends, accept new challenges and explore new directions. Our acting and drama programme is designed to help each child achieve these invaluable skills.

The contribution of each child is encouraged and valued in a warm, positive, learning environment. Students participate in a wide range of activities covering speech, movement, dance drama, spontaneous improvisation, structured improvisation, snippets, dialogue development, mini-scripts and production.

“Please let Caroline know how much we appreciate her input into all the drama classes this year. She has been consistently friendly, enthusiastic and kind to all the children, and she is so skilled in drawing them out and engaging them in activities. Ethan has enjoyed the classes and has grown in confidence and self esteem during his time with the Academy. Thank you again for a fun filled learning environment.”
Gill  P (Leederville Upper Primary class)

Our Current Upper Primary Drama Classes:

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