Wonder and Awe

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I have been planning this surprise for my kids for ages and on Friday night the stars finally aligned!!! As part of the Perth Fringe Festival in the Cultural precinct, there is a large tank set up. Every evening until the 24th of February at 6pm (see link below ) 2 mermaids come into the tank and interact with the many children who come to visit.

It certainly was a surprise!! While Miss 7 is at a point where she is “too cool for school” her response was “Thanks mum, I’ve always wanted to see fake mermaids. But I was actually hoping the surprise was going to be an icecream.” [An icecream would have been so much easier than taking 5 kids under 6 into the city solo!!!] The cool exterior was soon dispelled as she was absolutely enamoured by these gorgeous creatures who clearly loved interacting with the kids.

If you are looking for something free and different to do with your kids, check it out 🙂