Week 6-Really?!?

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Can you believe how fast this term has gone? There has been so much energy and excitement in all of our studios, it is an absolute pleasure to visit classes as well as teach my own. When I am out visiting I can’t help but get excited about the contribution that the students will make to our year end shows. It is wonderful to see how all children are engaging in class activities with enthusiasm, and really giving a hundred percent. This creates such a bubble of excitement in my tummy as I think about how we, and our teachers get the opportunity to play a part in the creation of some pretty fabulous memories!! Our year end shows are such an exciting and inspiring time – a time where we get to “show off” our wonderful students. If the last few weeks are any indication, our year end shows will be AMAZING!! I am looking forward to continued enthusiasm as we finish this term, and can’t wait for our Term 4 and the adventure that we get to go on together.

Congratulations Hayley Roche – Tournament of Minds Team Selection

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As you all know, we love to celebrate in the achievements of our students.  With this in mind, we would like to congratulate Hayley Roche on being selected into Santa Maria College’s “Tournament of Minds” competition team. Hayley currently attends our East Fremantle Upper Primary class and has been with us for three years. Hayley always brings an enthusiastic attitude and willingness to learn to every lesson she attends. I have no doubt that she will relish this opportunity and have an absolute ball!

Jacinta Roche (Hayley’s proud mum), has forwarded me Hayley’s selection letter which details the attribute on which her selection was made.  These include:

* The ability to work well with others

* The ability to include others and assimilate and accomodate the ideas and opinions of others

* The ability to create and think on a lateral basis

* The ability to solve problems

* The ability to persist with tasks

* The ability to manage time

Hayley, along with her school team members (all from Years 5 & 6), will receive a Long Challenge problem at the beginning of Term 3.  Each team will have six weeks to solve the problem and will present their solution in the form of a short play in front of the TOM judges at Curtin University on Saturday, September 1st.

What an incredible opportunity for Hayley!

As Jacinta describes,

“…The Helen O’Grady Drama Academy has contributed towards Hayley’s achievement with this competition, as all the attributes associated with the Tournament are taught each week in her Drama lessons. It is a huge achievement in social skills, confidence, self-esteem and conversational ability, which the Helen O’Grady Drama Academy must be creditied for.”

Like Jacinta, we are extremely proud of Hayley (and also of her younger sister Amy, who displays a very similar energy and enthusiasm and attends our East Fremantle Lower Primary group)!  We firmly believe that our classes provide students with invaluable life skills which assist them greatly in their experiences outside of Drama.  Hayley’s accomplishments are certainly testimony to this!

Once again a big congratulations to the lovely Hayley Roche!   We will certainly keep you all posted as to how the Tournament goes.


Wise Words

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I’d like to share with our Helen O’Grady family, some words of wisdom imparted to me by an inspirational work out buddy Charmaine.  Charmaine answers a question, which we could all take a moment to ponder:

What are you passionate about?

• LIFE – Living It Fully Everyday!

• Be the best version of YOU and do the best you can;

• Make a difference (no matter how big or small)

because you’ve only got 3 choices in life:

• Give up, Give in or Give it all you’ve got!

Aren’t these fantastic sentiments?  They definitely got me thinking as to what I am passionate about….No surprise that our drama classes are well and truly at the top of my list!

One of the things I love about our Helen O’Grady Drama Academy is being able to work in such a positive, life changing arena.  This is definitely “chicken soup for the soul” for me!  I think it is important for us to not only inspire others to live life as optimistically as we can, but to also surround ourselves with people who thrive on the positive.  This is what happens to me whenever I walk into one of our fabulous classes, filled with students who are ready to give it their all!

I’d also like to send a big congratulations to one of our students: Barnaby Beahan, who was successful in his PEAC audition!  Well done Barnaby!!!  We are very proud of you and I know you are going to have an absolute ball extending your drama skills even further during your PEAC experience!

Thank You and Congratulations!!!

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We always encourage our students to stretch themselves and relish opportunities which allow them to venture outside of their comfort zone.  I can certainly say that we at Helen O’Grady Drama Academy practice what we preach!  Saturday saw me compete in the Toastmasters International Speech Contest State Final, and I will admit that the nerves beforehand were clearly evident from the butterflies fluttering in my stomach!

As we tell our students though, nerves are ok and everytime we challenge ourselves, we learn more about who we are and what we are capable of.   The quality of speakers in the competition was incredible and I left the event with some great tips, which I look forward to sharing in our classes.  I also came away with Third Place, which was such a thrill!

I would like to thank everyone for their support and words of encouragement.  They mean so much. The beauty about gaining drama and speech skills is that we can continue to enhance and use them throughout life’s journey.  My time thus far with our Helen O’Grady Drama Academy family, both as a student and a teacher are precious to me, and definitely stand me in good stead in my new pursuit of competitive public speaking!

I would also like to congratulate one of our fantastic Applecross Upper Primary class members, Barnaby Beahan, who has certainly been making the most of his Helen O’Grady experience.

Barnaby attends Kalamunda Primary School and was one of four at his school originally invited to submit a written application as to why he would like to audition for their PEAC programme. He and one other student were then invited to audition. This is a huge achievement and a reflection of Barnaby’s positive attitude and dedication to his drama.  Qualities which we see every week in class!  Congratulations Barnaby, we are all very proud of you!!

If anyone else has any other positive stories, you would like to share, please let me know at Cheryl.Marron@helenogrady.net.au. I love to hear about them and I would love to share them with everyone else as well!


Love this time of term!!!!

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I must say this is a great time of term, I know you must be thinking that I am saying this because the term is at an end and the holidays are near, but this is not the case!!

The children are buzzing with excitement in our classes as holidays draw near and we all know that next term means we get to show our parents just how wonderful we are in our Parents’ Days. I love that as their teachers, we get to share in that excitement and help them to be proud of themselves and what they can show their parents.

For me as a teacher, the reason that I love this time of the term is that I can see now, how student, who have been in the class for as little as 9 hours, are really starting to show confidence in their performances and they are  remembering dramatic aspects for themselves. I am able to feed off them in the creative process.

Last week  at my Warnbro studio (held at the Warnbro Community Church,) after giving verbal instructions on how I wanted the piece to end, I looked up to see some fanastic expression. It was hard to pick one to share with you all!! In the end, I chose the lovely Apsley who began drama with me at the beginning of this term. She is the youngest our class and is constantly impressing  us with her effort, enthusiasm and energy 🙂

You'd better watch out