Warms My Heart!

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I have just returned from class and have decided that there is no better feeling than experiencing first-hand the pride that comes with overcoming a challenge.

This time last year, a meek and mild student entered one of my studios, too shy to even look at me, let alone tell me her name!  As time has progressed and she has made her way through a year of our self development programme, I have been lucky enough to be a part of the process that has allowed some amazing changes to take place. This student was a quiet girl who begrudgingly attended classes at her parents request, and initially, would have preferred to sit on the sides and be an observer, rather than an active participant. Today, I saw this girl beam with pride and confidence, as she brought her friend along to join in the fun of the lesson and confidently “show her the ropes”.

I am constantly amazed at how our wonderful programme has the right mix of activities to stimulate the children and allow them to grow in confidence and communication skills.This is  balanced with the creation of a safe environment, where all can embrace challenges without the fear of ridicule that often accompanies ‘failure’. I am so proud of beiong a part of the process which helps to create the positive environment so that children, such as this girl, are able to rise to their own challengse and reach their potential in their own time. I feel that it is so important that children are able to do this without fear of judgement or the restriction of reaching ‘milestones’ or ‘levels’.our programme focusses on praising children for being who they are, where they are.  After all, keeping up in today’s society which is full of information overload – is sometimes challenge enough for kids these days!

Principal, Cheryl Marron, Wins Speech Contest

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Southern Suburbs Principal, Cheryl Marron has been putting her Helen O’Grady Drama skills to good use this year.  Cheryl entered  the 2012 Toastmasters International Speech Contest and has thus far won both her Club and Area contests!  Cheryl  now proceeds to the Divisional final, which will take place on Saturday, 31st March.

This is Cheryl’s first year as a member of Toastmasters and she has found the experience, confidence and skills that she has developed during her many years with the Academy, invaluable assests.  It is a clear example of how the skills learnt with the Academy transcend into many different arenas!

Congratulations Cheryl and everyone at Helen O’Grady Drama Academy wishes you well for next Saturday!
Stay tuned for further updates!

Finger Puppets Come To Life!

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This week, our Kindy Drama theme has been all about the zoo.  At the end of this week’s lesson, all children have used some very cute zoo animal finger puppets to sing songs, find food for breakfast and talk to other zoo animals!  Pictured here are our Karrinyup Kindy class (Tuesdays, 11-11.45 am), using their zoo animal finger puppets to great effect!  Our students are also modelling our fun Helen O’Grady Drama Academy t-shirts!  Only $15, these tshirts come in all sizes and our students love wearing them to class.



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The Knights of the Round Table were present at our Kallaroo Upper Primary Class this week.

We took a step back in time this week and through our play, visited the historical time of King Arthur and his Knights.  Lots of students made the effort to dress up and this really helped to create a fantastic atmosphere. There were plenty of damsels in distress that were rescued by our brave knights, Sir Galahad and Sir Lancelot.

Some students took their characters even further by continuing to develop them in thier Snippets section (where the children make up their own short scene, with a  partner).

I was very impressed with the student’s willingness to grasp a different time period and really try to become those different characters.

It was an amazing lesson and was so much fun!

Thank You!

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Last week I received an email from “What’s on 4 Little Ones” Australia which read:
“Congratulations! It’s our great pleasure to tell you that you have been nominated in the Best Regional School Age Activity category in the What’s On 4 2012 Junior awards! These awards recognise and celebrate the very best as nominated and voted for by parents, parents-to-be and carers.  So…what you do has meant so much to someone they have taken the time to tell us how wonderful you are and how much they value you!”

I was so excited that, in only my second year as Principal, and in the very first year of these awards, someone has bestowed such an honour on myself, the programme and the Academy nationally.  For those of you who don’t know in my first year as Principa, I had my fourth child and my life became very busy and full as a Mum and a Principal”Crazy!” I can hear some of you saying, but I love it! I get the best of both worlds – the rewards and challenges of running my own business and the flexibility that allows me to be the kind of Mum that I want to be. I am proud of this nomination and this recognition of our fantastic programme is very deserved! Having my oldest daughte rnow at an age where she can start our classes, I am beginning to see the benefits from a different perspective. In my 3 years at the Academy, I have always been able to see the growth that comes about for our students on a weekly basis.  Occasionally, parents  give me a snippet of how their child has used the life skills in their everyday world. Now, I am also seeing how  my outgoing, effervescent daughte,r was also in need of the creative outlet and safe environment of her drama class.  our self development programme is has allowimg her to become a confident little girl, who is aware of her worth and abilities and is also comfortable to challenge herself.
So, to those of you out there who nominated the Helen O’Grady Drama Academy for this award, I want to thank you for the compliment and also let you know that it truly is my pleasureto bring the programme to your children! Our students  give as much to me as I do to them in terms of a positive impact!

Emma Lupino, Principal, Rockingham/Mandurah branch.

To vote for Helen O’Grady Drama Academy please go to http://www.whatson4littleones.com.au/awards-voting-2012.asp
and vote in the Best National Activity for School Aged Children section. Thank you for your support 🙂