Another One That Got Away!

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This week students from the Eastern Suburbs  have been fishing up a storm in one of our many Dress Up and Prop Days. Our class Improvisation “The Fishing Trip” had students trying to catch that ‘”one big fish” as well as making sure they didn’t fall into the lake at the same time! Many of the children used their extra creativity during the week by making their own fishing rods and even spending their last few minutes before class, colouring in beautiful fish to bring along as extra props! We have had a fantastic week and everyone is looking forward to our next Dress Up Day when we are going” Down On the Farm”!








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We love Dance Drama’s in our classes.  We act out a story, using music and heaps of fun movements. Here you can see a group of bats (what do you call a group of bats???), at the end of their Dance Drama.  The bats are very smug as they managed to “scare” away some pesky children who ventured into their cave and woke them up!

Wonder and Awe

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I have been planning this surprise for my kids for ages and on Friday night the stars finally aligned!!! As part of the Perth Fringe Festival in the Cultural precinct, there is a large tank set up. Every evening until the 24th of February at 6pm (see link below ) 2 mermaids come into the tank and interact with the many children who come to visit.

It certainly was a surprise!! While Miss 7 is at a point where she is “too cool for school” her response was “Thanks mum, I’ve always wanted to see fake mermaids. But I was actually hoping the surprise was going to be an icecream.” [An icecream would have been so much easier than taking 5 kids under 6 into the city solo!!!] The cool exterior was soon dispelled as she was absolutely enamoured by these gorgeous creatures who clearly loved interacting with the kids.

If you are looking for something free and different to do with your kids, check it out 🙂

Let’s ‘Twist’ Again!

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This week, our students used “twisting” and “curling” movements to make a “knot” with a partner without any touching or talking! Here, 2 students from our Quinns Lower Primary class had fun getting out of this mess!

Looking For Something Colourful To Do On Sunday, 17th Feb?

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This Sunday, I will be taking part in the inaugral Perth Color Run. This is a unique 5km run which will take place in Langley Park. In a nutshell, particpants run, jog, skip, crawl 5kms and while doing so are covered in coloured paint along the way! It should be a wonderful day and a fabulous Post Run Party will be held at Langley Park which will include lots of food, colour and festival fun.

For further information check out The Perth Color Run website at:

I will be particpating in my Helen O’Grady shirt which will be very colourful by the end of the event! Pics will follow and I am sure they will be very dramatic!

Although the run itself is sold out, spectators are most welcome to attend the Post Race Party, so feel free to drop by and see what the Color Run is all about!