Have A Go Day

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On Sunday 14th April, it is the City of Bayswater’s INCLUSIVE CLUBS HAVE A GO DAY!  Come along and try something new from the many clubs and community activities that will be there.

Our Drama Academy will be represented, and we will be doing some fun activities with children (and adults!), so come along and say hello to Eastern suburbs Principal, Merylena Sulak!  See the poster link below for more details 🙂

Have a Go Day – Poster

It’s time for a “Snippet”…What’s a “Snippet”?

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Each week our students are engaged in an “action packed” Drama Lesson! We do a range of activities in a variety of group sizes. Some are as a whole class, others are individual or in small groups. Here, Millie and Morgan are rehearsing a “Snippet”. Snippets are a form of dialogue development in which students work in pairs to develop a short piece of sequenced drama relating to a specific idea.

Snippets are great fun and allow the students to explore their own creative ideas!

They don’t have to be limited to a Drama class, try one in the car or down the park.

Here are your opening lines;

a) Why are you looking so happy?

b) Go on, guess!

Let me know how you go!

See you in class soon.


Inclusive Clubs “Have a Go Day”

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We have recently been invited by the Sport and Community Development Team at Inclusion WA to be a part of The City of Bayswater’s Inclusive Clubs Have a Go Day. A session of fun, information and activities which will be held on:

Sunday 14th April from 10am – 12noon at The RISE (28 Eighth Ave, Maylands).

The City of Bayswater, together with Inclusion WA and Therapy Focus, will be facilitating an Inclusive Clubs Have a Go session which aims to help the residents of the City of Bayswater to learn more about their community and the opportunities that are on offer.

There will be heaps of fun activities with music, drama, dance, art, a gym circuit, boxing for fitness and more on offer. The event is 100% free of charge and activities will cater for all age groups up to 60 years old and for people of all ability levels, so bring along your family and friends and get involved!

A wonderful opportunity for us to showcase what we do and how our amazing programme helps students develop essential life skills, while giving them the opportunity to explore their creative side at the same time! Come along if you get the chance and say “Hi” as well as enjoying the activities of the morning.

If you would like any further information or would like to RSVP for this event, please contact Eleanor at Eleanor.Jones@inclusionwa.org.au.

The Day That Albert Einstein Feared Has Arrived!

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Agree ??  # @[185457694843504:274:I Speak Quote]

Click LIKE if you agree!!??

This is definitely something our Academy is trying to encourage through our drama self-development programme – verbal human interaction! 🙂

Secret Harbour Kids Plead For Help!

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You’re at the side of the road looking questioningly at the
puzzle that is under your bonnet. You have somewhere to be but you aren’t
getting there anytime soon as your car has decided that today is the day it
will fail you. But wait what is that noise, another motorist on this otherwise
deserted highway could it really be?? You wave frantically and the motorist
chooses to ignore your plight and drive right past, You can’t believe it!!

This was our introductory activity for this week’s lesson.
Children are to add their own verbal and non verbals to the given situation and
act it out on signal. Our Secret Harbour Upper Primary students were a sight to
behold as all those motorists zoomed by without stopping to help!!