Presentation Day Costume Reminder

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As our Term 2 Presentation Days draw closer, just a quick reminder about what the students should be wearing…

Lower Primary classes will be presenting an Improvisation set in a bakery.  Teachers will let children know if they need to dress as a baker (hats, aprons, etc), or a Cookie person (bright colours, spots, stripes, wigs etc).

Upper Primary classes will be presenting an Improvisation set in an Hawaiian Hotel.  Children to wear Hawaiian style clothing (If you cannot find anything, please let us know as we have plenty of leis and grass skirts that can be borrowed!)

If you have any queries please speak to the class teacher or contact your Principal.

See you all in class soon!


What to wear?

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Each week our students are involved in an energetic and physical drama lesson. We will often ask the students to explore different ways of moving and experiment using different levels in class. We want all of our students to achieve their personal best and often the clothes they are wearing can restrict their movement. We recommend “comfortable modest” clothing that allows the students to freely move in any way. Leggings, trackies, shorts and a comfortable top is what we recommend.

You may have noticed your teacher or other students wearing Helen O’Grady T-shirts and for only $15 they represent excellent value! In these pictures some of the students from Quinns and Banksia Grove are “modelling” our shirts.

Please ask you teacher today about purchasing one today.

See you in class soon.