Life Is Good!!

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After some really rotten weather down this way, areas around our studios are beginning to look less like a scene out of Armageddon!! Which is just as well, because we need everything to look ship-shape as we prepare our pieces for our Presentation Day 🙂

After some very wild weather around our Secret Harbour studio, which meant quite a few absences over the past 2 weeks, I was a little concerned about  how the Presentation day material would be coming along when I went to visit last night. I was pleasantly surprised at what I saw during the lessons I observed. I could not believe how quickly the Lower Primary (5-8 year olds) picked up their “School Orchestra” piece with such fantastic enthusiasm and awesome expressions. As for the Upper Primary, with four pieces to prepare for their parents, I was absolutely amazed with their focus and energy. Each child put so much into the class to ensure they were “up to speed” for our performance in the last week of term. I must say that these children are a testament to their wonderful parents and their spectacular teacher, Kristen Matthey. I cannot wait to show them all off at the presentation. 🙂

What An Inspiring Class!!

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I have just come home from my Youth Theatre class in Greenfields.  As seems to be the case at this time of year, there were a few absences due to illness. So a small class, but what a class!!!

The task for the lesson was small group improvisations, which we ended up completing as a class group and it was a blast . What fun it was to have the entire group be a part of the creative process and take ownership of the piece.
The title: Going Straight.
The specifics: The black sheep of the crime family announces his plans to go straight!
As a group we came up with a plot line that inserted snippets of humour, whilst ensuring that our characters were clearly defined. It was an inspiring lesson to be a part of. I was so proud to see how everyone played an active role in the learning process and respect was paid to all ideas given. But most of all it was SO MUCH FUN!! There was a beautiful energy and we all left the lesson on a high. Thanks Greenfields Youth Theatre!!

So Impressed!!

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What a busy time of year!  You’ll often hear me enter a classroom with “That’s right – it is drama boot camp time!”  As students put their energy and enthusiasm into preparing for Parent Day prensentations,  I must take this moment to say how proud I am of all of our students – especially our Upper Primary classes who are working on four pieces!!

We just cannot wait to show you, their parents, how wonderful your children are 🙂

Investing in life!!

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Wow, what a busy life our kids lead! During chats with parents I am hearing about the hectic taxi service they are running to ensure that their children are able to develop all of their interests. SO, this blog is dedicated to those wonderful mums and dads who sit in the car while it is raining, or race off to pick up another child while their children are attending our classes 🙂

As you know, our Performance Days will be happening at the end of this term, so you will experience first hand the value of the life skills that we pride ourselves on instilling in our students. Today I want to share with you my experience of the past few weeks…..

As is often the case in Primary Schools, word has “gotten out” that I am a drama teacher and so I have been “roped into” co-ordinating theassembly item for my daughter’s class!! And, as we all know, good news travels fast and so I am now also “helping” in my niece’s class as well as my nephew’s. This takes my assembly total to 3 for this year (a pretty good effort considering that I am not employed by the school!)

The best thing about this experience, is the excitement of the children,and  we are having an absolute blast as we work together to build a piece that fits around what they have been working on this term. They love sharing their new knowledge and I love seeing the pride on their faces as we create the piece together.

What I am finding difficult though, is the number of children who find it difficult to talk – something that we do everyday!! There is a shyness, an inability to stay still and give eye contact. All of which comes about because they believe that what they have to contribute is not worthwhile. Oh, if only I could get  all of these children into the Academy to show them how wonderful they truly are!

So to my heroes (the mums and dads and grandmas and grandpas), as you sit in your car with the newspaper or killing time with facebook on your phone (btw we have a page now, you should check us out:, know that whilst your child may not become the next Hugh Jackman or Nicole Kidman, they will have had an opportunity to learn how to speak with confidence and, more importantly, they will have been able to see how wonderful and fantastic they truly are.


Back With a Bang!!

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So school is back and life is busy once more!  This term, I get to spend some time with some children who are home schooled. The PEEL Home School Co-Op has invited me to conduct some of our classes for them.

One lesson down and what a fantastic experience!  As with all new experiences, I was a little unsure of what to expect, but it all felt very familiar as I heard the sound of laughter from the group of kids as they rounded the
corner to enter my classroom.

What amazing energy and enthusiasm they displayed and the kids embraced the
lesson and gave their all!  It certainly was a fantastic first experience and I can’t
wait to go back next week!

When the co-ordinator of the programme contacted me she was surprised
to know that we at the Academy can offer either one incursion or can create a
programme for an entire school. If this is something you are interested in for your school or other group, contact
your nearest Principal via the Contacts tab 🙂