End of Year Productions

At the end of each Academy year, all students in Primary and Youth classes, present a short, scripted production for parents and friends. It is a highly anticipated event as the weekly classes become rehearsals, during the final term of the year.

These productions are a real cause for celebration, as they give our students a chance to demonstrate their improved communication and performance skills! Parents also join in this celebration as they observe increased confidence, communication skills, and in many cases, obvious talent!

“I would recommend the Helen O’Grady Drama Academy for all children. My 11 year old daughter and 5 year old son have been going to Helen O’Grady Drama Academy for three terms and have had a lot of fun.  The end of year show was a delight to watch. I was able to see first hand the effectiveness of the programme reflected in the quality and professionalism of the performances. Even my five year old was able to show how well he knew all the words and choreography. I hope we will be a part of the Helen O’Grady Drama Academy for many years to come.”
Vidya  F (Leederville Lower and Upper Primary)

At all levels of the programme, our plays are written to capture the imagination of the students and to motivate enthusiastic participation. Each play is designed to include all of the students, for most of the onstage performance time. Through creating this inclusive atmosphere, our students learn the importance of ensemble performance, generosity of spirit and team work.

We appreciate that parents are very busy people. Therefore, costuming for each play remains very simple – usually items that can be found at home, or borrowed from friends! We are constantly amazed by the ability of parents to devise costumes, using basic items, enhanced by a little bit of creativity!

Our Year End Productions are all about creating “magic” moments for our students. Involvement in such events creates special memories for each student. They also create a wonderful team spirit wherein our students, along with the Principal, teacher and parents, work together to achieve a result that delights and rewards them all!

kids in a school play