School Incursions

The Helen O’Grady Drama Academy offers an extensive developmental drama curriculum which helps to fulfil the Arts Outcome requirement (specifically Drama) for your school.

Through the joy of drama, our programme can aid in the development of important life skills, including:

  •  increased self-esteem
  •  ongoing confidence
  •  strong verbal communication
  •  improved social interaction

Developed in Perth, our highly acclaimed drama programme has been successfully operating for over 30 years. Our dynamic school incursions have been welcomed by many schools, both locally and internationally. Following, are further details on how our programme can benefit teachers and students in your school. For more information, or to make a booking for your school, please contact us at any time, as follows:

Northern Suburbs – 9402 8744
Principal, Justin Lowson

Eastern Suburbs – 9378 4332
Principal, Merylena Sulak

Western Suburbs – 9402 5849
Principal, Justin Lowson

Southern Suburbs – 0414 689 261
Principal, Kerry Jones

Rockingham/Mandurah – 9593 7194 
Principal, Kristen Matthey

Our programme can be tailored to fit the students’ needs. We offer incursions as follows:

Drama Workshops

Our teacher visits your school and conducts a workshop within school time. This can include each class in the school (from Kindy to Year 7), one at a time, across the whole day (or more than one day if necessary), or just selected classes within the school. Workshops can last from 30 to 60 minutes, depending upon the school timetable. All materials are provided and fees are paid per child.

Drama Courses

Our teacher visits your school, for consecutive weeks, and conducts the programme with one, or more, classes (from Kindy to Year 7). Courses can be run from 5 to 10 weeks of a term. Classes can last from 30 to 60 minutes, as required.

Drama Courses – Yearly Programme

Conducted during school hours, and in line with our after school classes across Perth, the yearly programme consists of four, 10 week terms and culminates in a short, scripted production at the end of Term 4. School Talks Our Principal can visit your school, or P&C meetings to talk to teachers and parents about our programme.

“Thank you for your fantastic program in Drama this term.  The Year 1 children in my class have loved your classes.  I often hear them say “I love Drama!” as we leave your class. The children have developed fine skills in the areas of voice projection, impromptu performance , confidence building and listening. I am impressed at your thorough organisation and your high energy level.I hope to work with you again some time in the future.”
Beth Chesney  (Year 1 teacher, Freshwater Bay PS)


~Our programme covers most aspects of the K-10 Arts/Drama Syllabus~

What We Can Offer Schools

Below is an example of an overview of the curriculum areas students may study in a term’s programme, in school,  followed by a list of the concepts, forms and processes from the K-10 Syllabus Overview: The Arts/Drama that they can be linked to.  This example is for Lower Primary classes – Years 1 -3:

Introduction and Conclusion Activities:
Introduction and conclusion activities involve the students in free, spontaneous improvisation.

All aspects of speech training are linked to main lesson drama activities. Areas of speech covered this term include:

  • Projection
  • Forward Placing
  • Jaw Exercises
  • Articulation

Our movement component helps students develop coordinative skill and an increased awareness of non verbal communication. Areas of movement covered this term include:

  • Body, Space, Time and Weight Awareness
  • Partner and Group Work
  • Dance Drama

The main part of each lesson is creative, improvised drama. Through improvisation, the students learn about the structure and form of language.

Snippets are a form of dialogue development in which students work in pairs to develop a short piece of sequenced drama relating to a specific idea.

Helen O’Grady Drama Academy Programme Overview

Listed below are the content areas (Years 1 – 3) from The Arts/Drama syllabus component which can be linked to curriculum covered in this term’s programme. (Please note that our programme caters for students between the ages of 3 – 17, with a 15 year cycle of curriculum.  As such it can be used to support the syllabus for all year levels.)


YEAR 1: Voice, Movement, Space, Situation
YEAR 2: Voice, Movement, Space, Situation, Role, Audience
YEAR 3: Voice, Movement, Space, Situation, Role, Audience, Language


YEAR 1: Storytelling, Puppetry
YEAR 2: Storytelling, Puppetry, Process Drama
YEAR 3: Storytelling, Puppetry, Process Drama, Mime and mask, Tableau


YEAR 1/2: Spontaneous and directed dramatic play, Interaction in role, Sequencing situation
YEAR 3: Spontaneous and directed dramatic play, Group work, Playbuilding


YEAR 1: Safe practice, Movement skills and techniques, Voice skills and techniques, Using materials and objects in dramatic play
YEAR 2/3: Safe practice, Movement skills and techniques, Voice skills and techniques, Using materials and objects in dramatic play, Audience awareness


YEAR 1: Spontaneous sharing of ideas and feelings about their own drama and the drama of others
YEAR 2/3: Strategies for responding to the drama of others, Strategies for reflecting on their own drama processes and products, Strategies for communicating opinions and feelings about drama


YEAR 1: Experiencing drama around them
YEAR 2/3: Experiencing a range of drama forms, Recognition of drama from other times and places

Our aim is to support your teachers with a Drama programme that removes the ‘fear factor’ from implementing and assessing The Arts Learning Outcomes. The programme will be implemented with a minimum of fuss in a professional manner with in your school.

“Students at City Beach Primary School have participated in drama lessons with teachers from the Helen O’Grady Drama Academy over several years. Voice production and expression, body language and movement, as well as the development of self confidence have been obvious benefits of the program. The children have all loved the experience!”
Sonya Cross  (Deputy Principal, City Beach PS)


two girls with their arms around each other during a drama class in Perth