Congratulations Hayley Roche – Tournament of Minds Team Selection

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As you all know, we love to celebrate in the achievements of our students.  With this in mind, we would like to congratulate Hayley Roche on being selected into Santa Maria College’s “Tournament of Minds” competition team. Hayley currently attends our East Fremantle Upper Primary class and has been with us for three years. Hayley always brings an enthusiastic attitude and willingness to learn to every lesson she attends. I have no doubt that she will relish this opportunity and have an absolute ball!

Jacinta Roche (Hayley’s proud mum), has forwarded me Hayley’s selection letter which details the attribute on which her selection was made.  These include:

* The ability to work well with others

* The ability to include others and assimilate and accomodate the ideas and opinions of others

* The ability to create and think on a lateral basis

* The ability to solve problems

* The ability to persist with tasks

* The ability to manage time

Hayley, along with her school team members (all from Years 5 & 6), will receive a Long Challenge problem at the beginning of Term 3.  Each team will have six weeks to solve the problem and will present their solution in the form of a short play in front of the TOM judges at Curtin University on Saturday, September 1st.

What an incredible opportunity for Hayley!

As Jacinta describes,

“…The Helen O’Grady Drama Academy has contributed towards Hayley’s achievement with this competition, as all the attributes associated with the Tournament are taught each week in her Drama lessons. It is a huge achievement in social skills, confidence, self-esteem and conversational ability, which the Helen O’Grady Drama Academy must be creditied for.”

Like Jacinta, we are extremely proud of Hayley (and also of her younger sister Amy, who displays a very similar energy and enthusiasm and attends our East Fremantle Lower Primary group)!  We firmly believe that our classes provide students with invaluable life skills which assist them greatly in their experiences outside of Drama.  Hayley’s accomplishments are certainly testimony to this!

Once again a big congratulations to the lovely Hayley Roche!   We will certainly keep you all posted as to how the Tournament goes.


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