Helen O’Grady Drama – A Positive Education Experience

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I have just finished reading a very interesting post on the Generation Next website, written by Dr Ramesh Manoca, discussing the concept of Positive Education.

Dr Manoca stated that “Positive Education activities focus on building relationships, identifying one’s strengths, goal setting, mentoring, teamwork, overcoming challenges, perseverance and how to deal with success and disappointment with the aim of increasing mental resilience and wellbeing.”

These are concepts which I believe are well and truly incorporated in the Helen O’Grady Drama philospohy.  Every week, we see our students developing important life skills, such as those highlighted by Dr Manoca. The best thing is that these skills will stay with them and assist them to deal with whatever challenges life throws their way.

We have the privilege of watching our wonderful students grow in confidence and relish helping them to develop so many different skills, whilst having lots of fun at the same time! No wonder we love our programme just as much as our students do!

Helen O’Grady Drama – definitely a positive education experience and one that I’m proud to be a part of!


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