Franchise Opportunity

The Helen O-Grady Drama Academy was established in Perth, Australia, in 1979.  Today, it operates in 26 countries, with around 170 franchised branches providing classes at over 1600 different locations.

An Excellent Opportunity!

A Helen O’Grady Drama Academy franchise is a wonderful opportunity for qualified teachers to operate their own business, utilising their professional training and expertise.

Our drama programme has an outstanding record of success! Our franchise process allows you to become a member of our exciting, constantly-growing, international network. 

As a business opportunity, consider these advantages:

  • Personal fulfilment
  • Financial reward
  • Being your own boss
  • Pride of ownership
  • Flexible hours
  • Controlling your own destiny
  • Making a real difference in the lives of your students
  • Enjoyable life style

As classes are not held during school holidays, the majority of holidays are leisure time for a Helen O’Grady franchisee.  Hours of work throughout the year are considerably less than other businesses of comparable income.

Training and Support

We pride ourselves on the excellence of our training and ongoing support to all franchisees. Their success is our success!

All curriculum and lesson plans are provided. Initial and ongoing training in all aspects of its implementation are given through seminars, conferences, on-location visits, regular communications and published materials.

Operation Manuals cover all aspects of business management, staff training, sales and marketing. All franchisees receive ongoing training and guidance to ensure that they are empowered to operate an efficient Helen O’Grady franchise.

Ongoing Success

Our company has been franchising since 1988, so we are very experienced Franchisors. The successful establishment of the international network has not come about overnight! It is the result of many years of hard work, passionately following a vision to provide children everywhere with strong communication skills and hope for the future!

The success of our programme, fuelled by the collective energy and dedication of many principals and Teachers, is fast gaining global recognition, as more and more countries seek to join our organisation.

We select our franchisees with care and are very proud of the quality of people seeking to join the Helen O’Grady Drama Academy network.

Interested in Becoming a Franchisee?

Franchise opportunities may be available in your area. Our acclaimed programme has proved itself successful, time and time again, as new countries and regions continue to join our international network, enabling thousands of students, from different races and cultures, to become better communicators.

Suitability Checklist

To find out whether you have some of the essential qualities needed to become a successful Helen O’Grady Franchisee, answer the following questions!

  • Are you an enthusiastic, motivated teacher?
  • Do you have an energetic approach to life?
  • Do you have a positive, caring outlook?
  • Would you really like to make a difference?
  • Do you believe that in doing good for others, you will receive the rewards you deserve?
  • Would you like to go to work each day with a smile on your face?
  • Are you genuinely interested in giving children the life skills they need to succeed?

If you have answered YES to these questions, this may well be the opportunity you have been searching for! Contact Executive Principal Helen Davey today to find out if any opportunities exist in your area.

Helen Davey

Executive Principal

PO Box 21 Mt Hawthorn 6915
Ph: 0488 969 943