“Mum/Dad – I’m Bored!”

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I bet you have all heard this comment more than once – especially in this special weather!  So, instead of reaching for the DVD, Ipod, PSP or other electronic devices, how about a little bit of imaginary play – something we at the Academy obviously LOVE!!

A very effective way of encouraging children to engage in imaginative play – with their friends or with their family (that
is you, Mum and Dad!) is to provide them with the good old “dress-up box”. This does not have to be expensive and can be filled from your wardrobe, the Op Shop, Garage Sales, etc.  As well as the usual clothes, hats, shoes, etc, different shapes and sizes of material can spark the imagination and start a “Let’s pretend” game that will include lots of language and activity.  Pieces of material can become:  Superhero capes, flying carpets, King or Queen robes, sarongs, beach towels, jungle animal’s tails (tucked into the back of pants), fairy or bird wings, picnic rugs, and so on.  The possibilities are endless, especially with a little adult suggestion and articipation, starting with the phrase:  “Let’s Pretend!”

Other “rainy day drama activities” to follow in subsequent blogs!  Facebook friends – feel free to share your ideas with us also 🙂

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