Introducing the Introduction

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I thought today I might tell you all a little bit about what happens at the beginning of one of our lessons and why I love it!!!

After the roll is called, children jump up and listen to the teacher outline a situation. This situation is usually “dramatic” and always calls for a change of emotion and an interesting freeze at the end.

At the first signal the entire class says a given line together, then they ad-lib about the given situation, or ‘walk and talk’. To an observer, this probably looks quite chaotic, as twenty kids move around the space, often in a crazy way to match the situation, and the noise is amazing! However, as a teacher this is my favourite part of the lesson. It is the sound of growing confidence as the children participate in this activity and learn to express themselves through their own words and body language. They are creating their own multiple sentences and flowing language. To me this is the not only the sound of fun but most importantly, it is the sound of learning. There is nothing more satisfying than to hear this cacophony – this is the sound of the children truly ENGAGING in an activity. This is when it is easy to see that these life lessons our programme teaches, will remain with the children long after the lesson is over!

What An Inspiring Class!!

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I have just come home from my Youth Theatre class in Greenfields.  As seems to be the case at this time of year, there were a few absences due to illness. So a small class, but what a class!!!

The task for the lesson was small group improvisations, which we ended up completing as a class group and it was a blast . What fun it was to have the entire group be a part of the creative process and take ownership of the piece.
The title: Going Straight.
The specifics: The black sheep of the crime family announces his plans to go straight!
As a group we came up with a plot line that inserted snippets of humour, whilst ensuring that our characters were clearly defined. It was an inspiring lesson to be a part of. I was so proud to see how everyone played an active role in the learning process and respect was paid to all ideas given. But most of all it was SO MUCH FUN!! There was a beautiful energy and we all left the lesson on a high. Thanks Greenfields Youth Theatre!!