Blowing my own Trumpet!!! ;)

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Parents of children at our Rockingham/Mandurah Studios will have heard me on many occasions speak about how lucky I feel to be able to be part of the “cheer squad for their children”. As the Principal and the teacher of some of the classes, I get to do what I love and see the fantastic results that our programme has to offer. So now, I am going to be part of my own Cheer Squad because what we do at the Academy is so valuable and really does have the power to change the course of a life. Today I have received an email that shows just this:

“I personally would like to thank both you and Cheryl Marron, (Principal of Southern Suburbs, previous Principal of Rockingham/Mandurah) for the four years Beth has attended the Helen O Grady  Drama Academy, and I know that your encouragement has enabled Bethany to become confident and assured of herself.
When she first came to you, she was so quiet and withdrawn and to see her now, as faction captain of her school team, standing up in assembly and giving reports, not to mention performing in your productions, is such a wonderful thing. I am so proud of her.”


Parents send their children to us for a variety of reasons, such as shyness or lack of confidence. To see this success in a child who began with us as such a quiet girl, gives me such a sense of pride.  To make such a positive contribution that will last a lifetime is what my teaching philosophy, and this programme, is all about!!

We are very proud of you too Bethany…. Congratulations 

Love this time of term!!!!

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I must say this is a great time of term, I know you must be thinking that I am saying this because the term is at an end and the holidays are near, but this is not the case!!

The children are buzzing with excitement in our classes as holidays draw near and we all know that next term means we get to show our parents just how wonderful we are in our Parents’ Days. I love that as their teachers, we get to share in that excitement and help them to be proud of themselves and what they can show their parents.

For me as a teacher, the reason that I love this time of the term is that I can see now, how student, who have been in the class for as little as 9 hours, are really starting to show confidence in their performances and they are  remembering dramatic aspects for themselves. I am able to feed off them in the creative process.

Last week  at my Warnbro studio (held at the Warnbro Community Church,) after giving verbal instructions on how I wanted the piece to end, I looked up to see some fanastic expression. It was hard to pick one to share with you all!! In the end, I chose the lovely Apsley who began drama with me at the beginning of this term. She is the youngest our class and is constantly impressing  us with her effort, enthusiasm and energy 🙂

You'd better watch out