Kindness and Caring for All to See!

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At the start of each term, we have new students join our classes at the Academy. We strive to make them feel comfortable and welcomed from the moment they walk through the door. This task is made particularly easy when our existing students are so thoughtful and caring.

Last week at our Lower Primary Class in Duncraig, the students were asked to find a partner to perform a ‘Snippet’. (A short scene that allows the students to explore their own creativity.) Without being asked, one of the older students, who has attended the Academy for some time, walked over to a younger, new student and asked if she would like to work together. Naturally, the new student was thrilled to be asked and they created a fabulous little play. This and many other examples of outstanding generosity of spirit occur each week in our classes. It is a pleasure to witness and nurture this kind of behaviour.

It is no wonder that students feel comfortable enough in our classes to grow and explore their creativity and performance skills. We love seeing these kind and caring young students at work!