Clowning Around!

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Roll up roll up and see the clown parade!

Our last Kindy Drama theme was “The Circus” and as you can see by the photo’s, the students and teacher at our Duncraig Kindy Class had an absolutely fantastic time.

The next theme is “Transport”…sounds like more fun to be had!

See you all in class soon!

Next Generation and Still Going Strong!

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Parents know how valuable the skills are that we teach and practice within the Helen O’Grady Drama Academy.

None more so than one of our Duncraig Mums who recently shared with us that she attended classes with our academy some years ago with none other than our Executive Principal, Helen Davey.

Her son has just entered our Kindy programme and her comment was, “I’m glad to see nothing has changed since I attended…the energy and enthusiasm of the teacher and the attention to detail with the speech. I wanted to jump up and join in again!”

Are there any more Mums or Dads who attended our classes and now their kids do? Please let us know!

See you all in class soon!

Mullaloo Community Kindy Drama Incursion

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We were recently invited into the Mullaloo Community Kindy to run some drama workshops with the students. Janet, Kindy Drama teacher, had a wonderful time with the students as they were introduced to the joys of drama. The students were very busy considering what they might like to do when they grow up. They spent some time being fire fighters, busily climbing ladders and putting out fires! They then turned themselves into the fire. How exciting!

At the end of the incursion, each student had a chance to say what they would like to do when they grow up. One girl promptly said ‘I want to be a Mummy.’ (Ohhhhh.) The next girl happily said ‘I want to be a Daddy!’

If you would like us to come to your Kindy or Primary School and run some exciting Drama Workshops, please contact Justin on 9402 8744 or at

The Funny Things Kids Do…

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As you can imagine, our Kindy Drama classes (for 3 – 5 year olds), are full of funny moments and comments that the students always feel that they need to share.

Last week, Kindy Drama teacher, Janet, was asking the students if they could remember the first action they did in the ‘Listening Song’. Some students correctly held a finger out in front of them, ready for the opening line “Only one can talk at a time…”

One student, however, just happened to be popping her finger into her nose at that particular time!

Hmmm…not quite the answer Janet was looking for… but funny nonetheless!