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Hello Everyone,

Yes it is THAT time and the nagging has begun!! Whilst the office is being inundated with orange re-enrolment forms, there are still a few out there who have not brought theirs back. Please, please, do so soon so that the lovely Kristen and I can begin the exciting task of casting and co-ordinating our Year End Shows.

All of the teachers and Principals of the 5 WA branches of Helen O’Grady Drama Academy, met on Saturday, for a run through of next term’s play. We cannot wait to share the energy and enthusiasm with the students as we go about making some amazing memories 🙂

I will be out visiting in the coming weeks, I look forward to seeing you (and your ORANGE FORMS) soon.

Emma Lupino – Rockingham/Mandurah Principal 🙂

Newsletter and Orange forms

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Yes it is that time of term again where my FAVOURITE colour is splashed over your fridge, desk or noticeboard!!!! Orange forms are out, please help myself and the lovely Kristen get organised for Term Four and the Year End Show by getting these forms back ASAP 🙂

Also, just a reminder that if you are paying your deposit by direct debit, please, please, please staple a copy of your receipt to your orange form. For some strange reason the last two terms a lot of direct deposits have been showing up as “Agent 1985”!?! I am quite sure that none of you are secret agents so to save me having to chase the “agent” I would love to see the receipts.

And finally, please confirm for your wonderful children that they are, in fact, amazing and will recieve certificates when they  complete every year with the Acadmey.


Emma Lupino – Rockingham Mandurah Principal

RE-enrolment form Term 3 2012 Rock Mand

Newseltter Term 3 12 Rockingham Mandurah