Wonder and Awe

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I have been planning this surprise for my kids for ages and on Friday night the stars finally aligned!!! As part of the Perth Fringe Festival in the Cultural precinct, there is a large tank set up. Every evening until the 24th of February at 6pm (see link below ) 2 mermaids come into the tank and interact with the many children who come to visit.

It certainly was a surprise!! While Miss 7 is at a point where she is “too cool for school” her response was “Thanks mum, I’ve always wanted to see fake mermaids. But I was actually hoping the surprise was going to be an icecream.” [An icecream would have been so much easier than taking 5 kids under 6 into the city solo!!!] The cool exterior was soon dispelled as she was absolutely enamoured by these gorgeous creatures who clearly loved interacting with the kids.

If you are looking for something free and different to do with your kids, check it out 🙂



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Hello Everyone,

Yes it is THAT time and the nagging has begun!! Whilst the office is being inundated with orange re-enrolment forms, there are still a few out there who have not brought theirs back. Please, please, do so soon so that the lovely Kristen and I can begin the exciting task of casting and co-ordinating our Year End Shows.

All of the teachers and Principals of the 5 WA branches of Helen O’Grady Drama Academy, met on Saturday, for a run through of next term’s play. We cannot wait to share the energy and enthusiasm with the students as we go about making some amazing memories 🙂

I will be out visiting in the coming weeks, I look forward to seeing you (and your ORANGE FORMS) soon.

Emma Lupino – Rockingham/Mandurah Principal 🙂

So Impressed!!

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What a busy time of year!  You’ll often hear me enter a classroom with “That’s right – it is drama boot camp time!”  As students put their energy and enthusiasm into preparing for Parent Day prensentations,  I must take this moment to say how proud I am of all of our students – especially our Upper Primary classes who are working on four pieces!!

We just cannot wait to show you, their parents, how wonderful your children are 🙂

Back With a Bang!!

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So school is back and life is busy once more!  This term, I get to spend some time with some children who are home schooled. The PEEL Home School Co-Op has invited me to conduct some of our classes for them.

One lesson down and what a fantastic experience!  As with all new experiences, I was a little unsure of what to expect, but it all felt very familiar as I heard the sound of laughter from the group of kids as they rounded the
corner to enter my classroom.

What amazing energy and enthusiasm they displayed and the kids embraced the
lesson and gave their all!  It certainly was a fantastic first experience and I can’t
wait to go back next week!

When the co-ordinator of the programme contacted me she was surprised
to know that we at the Academy can offer either one incursion or can create a
programme for an entire school. If this is something you are interested in for your school or other group, contact
your nearest Principal via the Contacts tab 🙂

Love this time of term!!!!

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I must say this is a great time of term, I know you must be thinking that I am saying this because the term is at an end and the holidays are near, but this is not the case!!

The children are buzzing with excitement in our classes as holidays draw near and we all know that next term means we get to show our parents just how wonderful we are in our Parents’ Days. I love that as their teachers, we get to share in that excitement and help them to be proud of themselves and what they can show their parents.

For me as a teacher, the reason that I love this time of the term is that I can see now, how student, who have been in the class for as little as 9 hours, are really starting to show confidence in their performances and they are  remembering dramatic aspects for themselves. I am able to feed off them in the creative process.

Last week  at my Warnbro studio (held at the Warnbro Community Church,) after giving verbal instructions on how I wanted the piece to end, I looked up to see some fanastic expression. It was hard to pick one to share with you all!! In the end, I chose the lovely Apsley who began drama with me at the beginning of this term. She is the youngest our class and is constantly impressing  us with her effort, enthusiasm and energy 🙂

You'd better watch out