Newsletter and Orange forms

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Yes it is that time of term again where my FAVOURITE colour is splashed over your fridge, desk or noticeboard!!!! Orange forms are out, please help myself and the lovely Kristen get organised for Term Four and the Year End Show by getting these forms back ASAP 🙂

Also, just a reminder that if you are paying your deposit by direct debit, please, please, please staple a copy of your receipt to your orange form. For some strange reason the last two terms a lot of direct deposits have been showing up as “Agent 1985”!?! I am quite sure that none of you are secret agents so to save me having to chase the “agent” I would love to see the receipts.

And finally, please confirm for your wonderful children that they are, in fact, amazing and will recieve certificates when they  complete every year with the Acadmey.


Emma Lupino – Rockingham Mandurah Principal

RE-enrolment form Term 3 2012 Rock Mand

Newseltter Term 3 12 Rockingham Mandurah

Week 6-Really?!?

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Can you believe how fast this term has gone? There has been so much energy and excitement in all of our studios, it is an absolute pleasure to visit classes as well as teach my own. When I am out visiting I can’t help but get excited about the contribution that the students will make to our year end shows. It is wonderful to see how all children are engaging in class activities with enthusiasm, and really giving a hundred percent. This creates such a bubble of excitement in my tummy as I think about how we, and our teachers get the opportunity to play a part in the creation of some pretty fabulous memories!! Our year end shows are such an exciting and inspiring time – a time where we get to “show off” our wonderful students. If the last few weeks are any indication, our year end shows will be AMAZING!! I am looking forward to continued enthusiasm as we finish this term, and can’t wait for our Term 4 and the adventure that we get to go on together.

Welcome Back Again!

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Hello all and welcome back to another fun filled term at Helen O’Grady Drama Academy Rockingham/Mandurah. What a great start to the term with some lovely new faces and our great opportunity to “Share the FUN”. This week in class we have had some friendly visitors as a part of our Bring a Friend days and it is great to see that a lot of those friends will be joining us on a regular basis. Ours is clearly a programme that speaks for itself :).

We are looing forward to some dynamic and engaging activities this term that will help us build our skills as we work towards our year end shows. Stay tuned people, come the end of term the clues will be out so the guessing of Show Themes can begin!!

Blowing my own Trumpet!!! ;)

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Parents of children at our Rockingham/Mandurah Studios will have heard me on many occasions speak about how lucky I feel to be able to be part of the “cheer squad for their children”. As the Principal and the teacher of some of the classes, I get to do what I love and see the fantastic results that our programme has to offer. So now, I am going to be part of my own Cheer Squad because what we do at the Academy is so valuable and really does have the power to change the course of a life. Today I have received an email that shows just this:

“I personally would like to thank both you and Cheryl Marron, (Principal of Southern Suburbs, previous Principal of Rockingham/Mandurah) for the four years Beth has attended the Helen O Grady  Drama Academy, and I know that your encouragement has enabled Bethany to become confident and assured of herself.
When she first came to you, she was so quiet and withdrawn and to see her now, as faction captain of her school team, standing up in assembly and giving reports, not to mention performing in your productions, is such a wonderful thing. I am so proud of her.”


Parents send their children to us for a variety of reasons, such as shyness or lack of confidence. To see this success in a child who began with us as such a quiet girl, gives me such a sense of pride.  To make such a positive contribution that will last a lifetime is what my teaching philosophy, and this programme, is all about!!

We are very proud of you too Bethany…. Congratulations 