Things to do in Perth with the Kids

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It comes as no surprise that when you are looking for things to do in Perth with kids, your typical choices are going to the zoo or other animal orientated attractions, checking out amusement parks or heading to the latest exhibition at the museum.

While these are popular and fun activities to do with kids, especially around school holiday time, there may be an  activity that you haven’t thought about doing in Perth with the kids, and it just happens to be our specialty.

Here at Helen O’Grady Drama Academy, our drama classes are a great activity to get your kids involved with. While guiding your kids through the zoo or museum can be fun, why not get your kids interacting with others their own age in a safe and energetic environment?

Our kids drama classes are grouped into similar age groups, from 3- 5 year olds, 5-8 year olds, 9-12 year olds and 12- 17 year olds, so that no matter the age of your child, there is a drama class to suit them.

Our highly acclaimed self development program helps kids to develop so many life skills that last a lifetime!

Through our fun, stimulating lessons, kids learn to become confident, learn how to communicate effectively with their peers, and  gain self esteem which contributes to their levels of enthusiasm and energy. Could you ask for a more beneficial cycle of behaviour?

Are you looking for things to do in Perth with the kids? Find out why Helen O’Grady Drama Academy are the world’s largest provider of developmental acting classes for children, from 3 years of age to teens of 17. Let’s work together to develop your kids’ essential life skills, while having fun and exploring their creativity. With numerous classes located throughout Perth, you are sure to find something to do with the kids at Helen O’Grady Drama Academy. Click here to find out how to contact us.

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