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I have just returned from class and have decided that there is no better feeling than experiencing first-hand the pride that comes with overcoming a challenge.

This time last year, a meek and mild student entered one of my studios, too shy to even look at me, let alone tell me her name!  As time has progressed and she has made her way through a year of our self development programme, I have been lucky enough to be a part of the process that has allowed some amazing changes to take place. This student was a quiet girl who begrudgingly attended classes at her parents request, and initially, would have preferred to sit on the sides and be an observer, rather than an active participant. Today, I saw this girl beam with pride and confidence, as she brought her friend along to join in the fun of the lesson and confidently “show her the ropes”.

I am constantly amazed at how our wonderful programme has the right mix of activities to stimulate the children and allow them to grow in confidence and communication skills.This is  balanced with the creation of a safe environment, where all can embrace challenges without the fear of ridicule that often accompanies ‘failure’. I am so proud of beiong a part of the process which helps to create the positive environment so that children, such as this girl, are able to rise to their own challengse and reach their potential in their own time. I feel that it is so important that children are able to do this without fear of judgement or the restriction of reaching ‘milestones’ or ‘levels’.our programme focusses on praising children for being who they are, where they are.  After all, keeping up in today’s society which is full of information overload – is sometimes challenge enough for kids these days!

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