We Act How We Eat!

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There are so many cooking shows on TV these days – some reality/competition ones, others travel ones, quick meals, healthy eating, etc.

As most of us are aware, food plays such an important role in many cultures. It is an occasion for gatherings, a time for sharing and ‘breaking bread’, a means of expressing ones love (by cooking for others), etc. What I do find rather interesting, however, is that times and lifestyles have changed a bit, and with it a lot of the exchange and sharing that happens during meal times.

Many families rush home after work, with little time to cook (hence the surge in fast food) and meals are often eaten in front of the TV, sometimes watching the aforementioned cooking and food shows!

At least the idea and practice of celebrating special occasions still carries on in most cases, but we often only have these get-togethers over good food maybe a few times a year only, and many times the stress levels run quite high for the host.

So what has all this got to do with the Academy and our classes? Well, possibly not a lot. But I have noticed that with a number of families, it is common practice to offer their children a snack when they get picked up from school (and before drama class starts). As we are all told, foods and drinks with red or blue colourings in them, (eg. in the form of cordial) seems to affect the hyperactivity of people more so than other colours, as does the obvious sweet and sugar-based snacks.  It has been shown that these types of foods can induce a short burst of energy (the sugar high!), followed by a drop and lethargy.  This is certainly something that we have seen in our after school classes!

Some schools have adopted a great policy of having “Crunch & Sip” time each afternoon.  Children bring along a piece of fruit or raw vegetable (the “crunch”) and have a drink of water (the “sip”) and they all stop at afternoon recess time for this quick snack/drink/toilet break.  We love this idea in the Academy and would encourage all of our students to do the same before they come to class in the afternoon.  This healthy, easy snack will certainly give our students the sustained energy they need to participate fully in all of our fun, exciting drama activities!

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